HENRY WIMAN doesn’t stop at any obstacle, he never gives up. Always prepared, always ready to grab the next opportunity. To impress and to win. HENRY WIMAN is the modern man. Driven by success and capable to achieve it.

You are HENRY WIMAN. And this is your bag, your resourceful wing-man to guide you on your journey to triumph!


We launched the first HENRY WIMAN collection in 2017 with a drive to enhance every man’s professional outfit with sophisticated, yet modern accessories. Our first product is the HENRY WIMAN bag. Functional for an office, in minimal sophisticated styles and colors, made out of quality materials without the luxury brand markup. It is the ultimate accessory that has the functionality of a messenger bag, holds form as a briefcase and adds the very overdue update to any traditional male handbag. A HENRY WIMAN bag enhances any man’s office outfit and adds sophistication to his posture to enter any meeting with pride and elegance.

We are still a young company and will be working on complementing the HENRY WIMAN collection with luxury quality wallets and belts in the future. Sign up to our newsletter and we will inform you as soon as more accessories become available.